Roberto Giobbi Best Card Tricks

card-college-kip-pascalRoberto Giobbi, a disciple of both Dai Vernon and Juan Tamariz, is also the author of the 6-volume treatise, Card College.

Without question this is the best course on card magic ever. Following the pattern of a previous classic, The Royal Road to Card Magic, Giobbi begins his course with the basics such as how to hold the deck, how to shuffle, etc.

With each technique he teaches you one or more excellent tricks using that technique. As you work your way through the 6 volumes you gradually master more and more sleights and a repertoire of excellent magic.

Giobbi also has been writing a bimonthly column in Genii during the past 10 years. The column devotes a lot of time to the philosophy and wisdom of Dai Vernon. Vernon emphasized naturalness and consistency. He was a masterful sleight of hand artist who strongly believed that a good machine should hide his digital dexterity to enhance the appearance of magic. (More on this in a later post.)

In his most recent column, Giobbi listed what he considered to be “the 10 best card tricks—ever.”

Before telling you his choices, I thought I would give the opportunity to send me your list of the 10 best card tricks. I can tally the results and compare them with Giobbi’s choices….

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  1. Kip Pascal
    10 years ago

    My wife, Kate, bought the first three volumes of Card College in 2000, at the P.C.A.M. — she’ll vouch for them.

    Hmm … I also seem to remember a story or two about Giobbi from Lee Asher. He’d be someone fun to have dinner with, methinks.

    — Kip