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Sunday, August 26th: ANNUAL MAGIC AUCTION at Lane Community College, Building 19, Room 248 
1:00 to 2:00pm: Bring items you wish to donate and set them out for others to examine.
2:00pm: Auction Begins.  Even if you have nothing to donate or have no interest in adding to your magic collection with unbelievable bargains, we believe you will still enjoy the auction and likely increase your knowledge of magic.


The Next Meeting …

We  meet this coming THURSDAY, August 30TH AT 6:30 PM AT THE MARKET OF CHOICE, 29TH AND WILLAMETTE.  

What a Great Lecture WOW … (At LCC !!!)

Michael-AmmarMARCH 4th, 2018

We were scheduled to have Eric Jones in March, but he had to cancel. Instead, we got….

Instead we got the Rock Star of Magic … Michael Ammar.

Wait, I know what you’re thinking … Ammar has been here before. Not only that, a few years ago, he was the keynote lecturer at the Portland Magic Jam.

Well, guess what!

Michael Ammar had a new lecture for us!

No kidding!

It was fun … and he took lots of questions and did some impromptu demonstrations based on what we asked for.

Lecture Information:

Stay tuned for our next lecture.

To Be Announced

LCC (Lane Community College, Building #19, Room 248) !!!! 

The Next Meeting …

We  meet this coming THURSDAY, August 30TH AT 6:30 PM AT THE MARKET OF CHOICE, 29TH AND WILLAMETTE. 

I suggest we begin assembling around 6:30pm (although feel free to come earlier around 6pm). The show will begin a 7 pm.

Our current meeting venue, The Market of Choice, has instituted new rules about using their meeting room.

Monday nights will no longer be available.