The Next Lecture is in 2018 TBA ….

Michael-AmmarLast Lecture: March 4th, 2018 …

Michael Ammar is one of my (Kip Pascal) favorite lecturers of all time. I enjoy his lecture style AND HIS MAGIC so much.

Michael had to step in, because Eric Jones cancoildn’t make it. He had to cancel.

And while I would’ve like to have  seen Eric … he was thoroughly entertaining on America’s Got Talent … Michael is one of my favorites. And he didn’t disappoint this time, either. Wow!

ammar-lettermanCan you read the enthusiasm in these words?

Ammar’s lectures are some of the best attended … Hmmm, I wonder why??

I hope you got a chance to see this one.

Make sure you catch the next lecture, when we announce it.


See you there,









Sunday                 November 12th, 2017 – Eugene, OR


Directions to the Lecture

Out 30th Avenue to LCC (Lane Community College, Building #19, Room 248)

Or 1-5 to the 30th Avenue Exit.




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