The Next Lecture is in 2018 ….

Michael-AmmarMarch 4th, 2018 … 3:30 pm … Lane Community College.

Michael Ammar is one of my (Kip Pascal) favorite lecturers of all time. I enjoy his lecture style AND HIS MAGIC so much.

Michael has to step in, because Eric Jones can’t make it. He had to cancel.

And while I would’ve like to have  seen Eric … he was thoroughly entertaining on America’s Got Talent … Michael is one of my favorites.

ammar-lettermanCan you read the enthusiasm in these words?

Ammar’s lectures are some of the best attended … Hmmm, I wonder why??

Don’t miss this one.

You’ll kick yourself if you make some flimsy excuse and stay home instead of seeing one of the most prolific magic creators in the field.








Sunday                 November 12th, 2017 – Eugene, OR


Directions to the Lecture

Out 30th Avenue to LCC (Lane Community College, Building #19, Room 248)

Or 1-5 to the 30th Avenue Exit.




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